Hello world!

Iron Bird greetings

Image by DanRhett via Flickr

Right so, as fellow wordpress bloggers will know, Hello World is the subject they give you for your first post… and then they tell you to edit or delete the thing. Well, I’ve decided to edit… and keep the subject line because it is not only apt, but the most creative title I can think of at the moment. (this moment being 1:10am on a Friday evening).

I’m starting… wait, make that I have started… a blog. Why? Because everyone is doin’ it.

I kid, I kid. That’s definitely not why. I can’t actually tell you why because then I’d have to beat you over the head with a sausage roll.

To be honest, I’m not entirely certain why I am starting a blog. I don’t read a lot of blogs… just a few work related blogs, a comic strip “blog” and my friend’s vegan blog, which is very interesting though sometimes hard for this lowly omnivore to swallow.

I have to be honest, it’s difficult to go from reading a passionate, topic oriented blog like Tara Incognita to writing something that I’m certain will drift on the winds of my thought processes, leading readers on a journey to no where. Hopefully I’ll develop a theme of sorts that will allow this exciting new creative outlet to give me the inspiration I need to launch my freelance writing & fiction writing career(s).

Actually, I’ll just be happy with an exciting new outlet for creative expression that actually garners me some attention for my ability to write with proper grammar (most of the time)…

Well, tomorrow I will think very hard about a topic I would like to write about and hopefully it’ll be a tad bit more exciting than this. After all, it’s 1:30am and I need to wake up early tomorrow to babysit my nieces.

slapen lekker!

(that’s dutch for have a nice sleep! or something along those lines…. yeah, I learned that from watching a youtube video of a Dutch Bert and Ernie talking about eating cookies in bed.)


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