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Just for kicks I’m attacking the ever popular topic of social media and marketing. First, let me announce right off the bat that I am not an expert. My marketing skills and education extend to writing the catchy phrases on ads and brainstorming with a marketing team at work. The great part is that we’re all learning together – we’ve taken the organization into the world of facebook groups and twitter re-tweets.

Thus far, we have had quite a bit of blow back from the higher ups, whose major concern is that the information provided on the social media sites cannot be controlled – that they will not be able to strictly regulate what is being said about the organization because anyone is able to post something on our facebook page or retweet with comments, etc. etc.

I shake my head because the nature of mankind is to talk, to “gossip,” to put a nasty word on it. So of course there is going to be at least one person that posts a negative comment. I think the most unfortunate part is that the knee jerk reaction of the concerned party was to delete the page – essentially to take the company from finally being part of the “in crowd” to going back to the hole that they’ve been cringing in for the last 30+ years.

Now, I’d like to argue that the best marketing through Social Media is obtained through HOW a company deals with the tough questions… The ones that would never come up except in a public forum. Because if you can hit the difficult questions with a positive, informative answer, I think you will win a lot more fans than if you try to delete all evidence that the question even existed.

If the higher ups had won and the facebook & twitter pages were removed for the company, I think that this would have had an even bigger, negative impact on our market than the one question could ever have provided. Luckily, we managed to convince those concerned that keeping the pages were in the company’s best interest – however the tough questions continue to go unanswered… so it’s kind of the lesser evil of the two, no?

Alright, so this blog was supposed to address the pressing question of how to market through social media. I think that the above only applies to corporations and companies who have an established presence in their niche of choice.An individual who is just starting out has to use Social Media in a different way… It’s not about answering the tough questions, because there ARE no tough questions. If you get a question at all, it’s probably the highlight of your day because it means that someone, somewhere, heard about you through the marketing you did online.

So what does that mean? Does that mean that to market your newly established business you have to throw your words into the void and hope that somebody catches them?

I guess I’ll find out.


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