Pleasure Points

On the weekend, I was searching causes of migraines to see if I should be overly concerned about my sudden bouts of light and noise sensitivity (not the best side effects to be experiencing at a four year old’s birthday party). I found out two things – one, that I worry for no reason… It’s just a bad headache and I’ll get over it… and two, that the body has pressure points…Well, I knew this one in theory… because, well, how else would massage, acupuncture and other forms of “natural” healing be possible without them.

Everyone has heard of acupuncture. Unless of course you’ve been living under a rock, totally disconnected from the entire modern world; if you’re reading my blog, I can assume that you must at least know about Google – so if you don’t know about acupuncture… you should Google it… it’s interesting.

I find it incredibly fascinating how the body is connected, allowing for these tiny places to relieve stress, pain and discomfort. For instance, the fatty tissue/muscle between my thumb and index finger is connected to the pressure building up in my skull. When massaged in a circular motion, the muscle releases tension somewhere which lessens the pain of my temple.

How does that work? And where can I find more of these “pleasure points”?

Yes, I said pleasure points. I don’t mean sexual pleasure, just… pleasure. The pleasure of not having to keep my eyes closed as the car hurdles down the highway (don’t worry, I was in the passenger seat). The pleasure of being able to work without needing to bang my head on the desk in hopes that this will, somehow, kill the tiny man in my skull that’s trying to drill his way out through my forehead. The sheer pleasure of being able to operate at 90% instead of 50%, all because I massaged the seemingly inconsequential flab in my hand.

I read about and discovered a couple of other pleasure points. There is one at the base of your skull where it meets your neck muscles. Another between your big toe and index toe (is that the correct term for that toe?) I haven’t actually tried that one yet, mostly because I’m lazy and my toes are just so far away.

My favourite is still the thumb/index finger spot… why? Because I can sit and massage it, giving myself the relief without appearing to be in pain – it’ll just look like I’m twiddling my thumbs!


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