Couch vs. Bed

For about a year, I slept on a couch. It was a big couch, squishy… lots of pillows (which usually ended up on the floor by the morning). It held me safe while I slumbered – not once did I roll off the couch… though a couple of times my arm got lodged between the back board and the seat cushion – not entirely comfortable.  

For all intents and purposes, it was my bed and I enjoyed sleeping in it. Until I started wanting to share my bed with my manfriend, who shall be referred to as W. Then, proplems arose. This couch, which was perfect for little me, was not big enough for little me and very tall W.

However, I’m not writing to discuss my ability, or lack there of, to sleep in the same “bed” as W – and yes, I do mean sleep… get your minds out of the gutter, would ya? But rather to analyze the fact that I was comfortable sleeping on my couch. I didn’t feel the need for a bed. During my time with couchbed all of the real beds I did, occasionally, sleep in were hard, uncomfortable and, well, too roomy in comparison to my couch.

Which, on reflection, is odd, because when I first started sleeping on the couch, I couldn’t do it. It was too narrow, too squishy, too everything postitive-about-it-as-negative.

Eventually, I moved out of the apartment in which I slept on the couch – left the poor couch behind… oh how I miss you couchbed! After buying the squishiest mattress I could find at Ikea, I proceeded to sleep on a bed. It was hard at first to get used to it, but I did nonetheless.  

The other night (roughly three months later), I was laying, sprawled out on the double-sized expanse that is my bed, head in the middle cushioned by two pillows and I remembered my couchbed with a touch of disbelief… how did I ever manage to sleep comfortably?

My mind wandered through the multitude of sleeping surfaces my body has even used – ground, floor, air mattress, couch… bed… Every time, I have gotten some sleep. Maybe not good sleep, but some. Those surfaces used nightly, those are the ones that eventually provided me with the best sleep out of all of the options. In my sleep, I always know which position to be in for the most comfort; how much room I had to stretch out; and where I was.

I guess, much like moving into a new apartment/room, you adjust – adapt. The comfort of familiarity is what allows you to fall into the deep sleep needed to feel rested. Your body gets used to the type of surface that you regularily lay on and, eventually, you stop waking up sore and uncomfortable.

Now, if only I could find a way to deal with the other factors that inhibit my sleep – like a brain that won’t stop thinking or  people who call at 12:30 at night forcing me to crawl out of the depths of sleep and answer the phone.

Have any amusing or interesting sleep or couch related stories? I’d love to hear them!


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