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So it’s been almost a week since I joined twitter. Looking back, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m unnaturally hooked. I had to take today “off” so to speak just so I could read a book. I didn’t do any of the work I had planned for the weekend – no, the time I would usually spend doing that was spent on twitter… and then watching episodes of Angel with W.

(I think he was getting rather frustrated with my obsessive need to check twitter in between episodes).

All week, I have been reading blogs and websites designed to help newbies like me navigate the twitterverse. I have to say that it’s all very intimidating. Everywhere I read, the main idea is that you have to be interesting – someone worthy of being followed.

I’m still working on taking less than 5 minutes to write a tweet! Now, I add another 5 minutes where I try to take stock of the people who are following me and whether or not they would actually want to hear what I’m about to say. (In the end, I say “meh” and post it anyway, so I really could save myself about 5 minutes of my life.)

I don’t have the delusional goal of being insanely famous on twitter, especially not with my personal twitter profile. What I do want to do is gain the experience I need to get 100+ followers, so that I will be able to apply that know how to the professional twitter profile I intend on starting, once I have launched my official “career”. I figured this would be good practice… so far, I must admit, it’s excellent practice.

In the hopes of helping future twitter researchers (twittersearchers?), here are some of the sites I’ve visted:

Twittercism – this has been remarkably informative. It is a website dedicated to information and how-tos for twitter. I highly suggest that new and veteran users of twitter check this out… If you’re new to twitter, check out Twitter 101 – it provides links to several blogs (thanks goes out to Craig – @craigsilverman – for the link to that)

NorrisNode “Twitterquette” – a newbie tweeter (tweep?) as well, he has a list of “rules” for twitter that are obvious when you read them, but not so obvious until you do. If that makes any sense.

Twitter’s Official Twitter 101 page

I have visited a lot more, but I have to say that the above were the most helpful, the first one being the most informative. Probably since it has links for pretty much every question you could have.

On that note, and in a perfect state of information overload, I’m going to call it a night and hope my poor, overwhelmed brain will be more refreshed in the morning.

Do you have any good advice for a newbie tweeter (tweep??!!)? I’d love to hear it!


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