New Posts to come!

Just wanted to post something, as I have been away from the computer too often to write anything coherent. I could always post stuff like, oooooga booooga bananas! And see what happened, but that just doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

It’s pretty late, so I’ll try to keep this short… ish.

Life is busy.

My Twitter high has fizzled out, not because I don’t enjoy the platform, but because I have to focus on… well… life. Buuut, I do have several blogs planned out, including a short fiction piece that has to do with the holiday season. We’ll see what happens… So, check back when you can. The aforementioned piece should be going up around December 1st, providing Life stops bombarding me with busy-ness.

Seriously, could it get a… uh… well I guess not life since it IS life but maybe a hobby… that’d be nice.


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