Shopping & Stuff update

Big fat Santa planning his Christmas travels, as imagined by Norman Rockwell

I haven’t written in a while. I blame being too busy to sit down at my computer long enough to write a decent post. That and having a tube shoved in my ear last week. That wasn’t pleasant. I might even write a blog about that in the future!

I received a few postitive comments and some bits of advice via Facebook in response to my post about my shopping woes… they included stuff like “don’t worry” and “everyone loves their presents no matter what!” With that in mind, I managed to get over 1/2 of my shopping done!

The thing about this season is, it shoves everything else out of the way. Working toward finishing a project? It’ll have to wait until the New Year.. Christmas is here! Hoping to finally read the last chapter of a book? Sorry, interesting or no, it’ll just have to wait – Christmas is here! Honestly, it’s like Santa is this big lardo who walks up to a bench full of people and sits down, forcing all of the previously seated people to move or be sat upon. Santa doesn’t do it to be mean, he just wants to sit down. But man, is it inconvenient for everyone else.

One of my previously planned projects is the launching of my freelance business. I’ve been working toward this goal for almost a year now (from the first little inkling that I might actually be able to work away from an office). I had attended in a workshop, which ended the last week of November. Throughout the workshop I fully intended on immediately implementing all of the tools and skills I learned in those two months – but then lard bum Santa showed up and de-seated all of my plans.

Lately, I ‘ve actually been feeling rather, well, bummed about it. I thought by now everything would be in place and I’d be working toward the day when I’d be office job free. Luckily I have an amazing support group. W suggested that I take this time to work on the small projects, the little things that I’ll need to do eventually, so that when it comes time to do the big things – like design a website – I’ll already have the concept, text & etc. ready to go.

For once, I listened to the advice! And now I’m feeling a little less bummed and a little bit happier to have Santa sitting on my bench. Because even though my plans are standing, they’re still in the same room.


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