Oh Christmas Tree

My make-shift Christmas tree & the presents I've wrapped!

Guess who’s 99% done her Christmas shopping!!! Do you know? Can you guess? Is it me? It IS me! I’m almost completely done shopping for everyone. I’ve even wrapped everything. Now, I don’t have a real tree, but I do have a picture of a tree (cut it out of a shopping bag)! So it’ll just have to do until I get to my parents house on Friday.

Now, my next big worry is how my presents will survive the trip home. First, I take a bus to Ottawa to meet up with my cousin, then the two of us will be driving to my home town. So I’ve gotta pack all of these presents PLUS enough of my stuff for five days in bags small and light enough to cart to the bus station, load, unload, reload (into the car) and then unload at my parents place… part of me now wishes I hadn’t gone so crazy with the shopping & had bought everyone tiny little presents.

Bah, who am I kidding? I’m happy with each of the gifts I’ve bought… (a total 180° from when I started, eh?) and I’ll figure out how to get them on the bus & in the car with minimal damage.

Just happy the hardest and most stressful part is over. Now I can really enjoy the Christmas season!

(unless, of course, this nasty sore throat and cough turn into a full blown cold. In which case, Santa, can you please go find another bench to sit on?)

How is your Christmas shopping going? Are you ready for the big day??


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