Oh yeah… That’s what I was doing..

So, it’s been a couple of weeks. It wasn’t intentional, but I think that’s what happens when you push yourself so hard to complete something… Once it’s done, the drive that had consumed you for all that time disappears and you’re left with an empty shell, disoriented and seemingly purposeless.

*rasies eyebrow*

Pssh, yeah, that’s a bit over the top. I have purpose and drive, I just let it go on without me for a week… or three. It was only supposed to be a week – I believe that taking some time to yourself is really important, because if you don’t, a whole wack of negative things can happen to you! Unfortunately for me, once I let the drive and purpose get ahead of me… I lacked the desire to catch up with it. When that happens, well… one of the side effects is three weeks of metaphorical “dead air” on my blog!

Sorry… just read the date on my last blog post… make that close to five weeks of metaphorical “dead air.”

*cringes* um… my bad?

Don’t worry, this avoidance and neglect extends to all of the aspects of my “social media” life that I had created. I’m hoping this won’t have any lasting consequences.

*shrugs* what can ya do? I suppose I could build a time machine, go back to January when the desire to take a break started growing in me and somehow attempt to prevent the break. But, if Doctor Who has taught me anything, there are consequences to crossing over on your own timeline (or whatever) and the consequences include large dragons that will devour everyone unless you make the event that was supposed to happen, happen. So I’m going to save myself the trouble of trying to build a time machine (not to mention all of the math, physics, chemistry and social science courses I’d have to take just to develop the theory of time travel in my own terms so that I could reasonable apply it to a schematic for the machine itself).

On a more positive note, I should be posting more this week! Hoping to write something tomorrow and possibly again on Wednesday. Hurrah!


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