One Step Forward

The website is a huge hit with all of my family and friends. Part of me thinks that is because they are my family and friends and thus are biased… but the other part of me thinks “hellz yeah, my website is awesome!”

Emphasis on the “AW”

I’ve also received my business cards… Huge bump in the ego to see your name in a professional setting. Makes me feel less of a poser and more official – like, hey. Look at me. If you want to know how to contact me BAM! Here’s my business card. It’s pretty and has style… Just like me. Boo-ya!

Next step, getting business. I subscribe to a few Freelance Writing blogs, one of which actually posts daily freelance writing job posts from the US and sometimes Canada. (For any other Freelance writers out there, check it out:

Since the day my website was “officially” launched (ie. the day that I decided that the procrastinating had to end… and thus it did) I’ve been regularily reading around, finding links to job postings and trying to email at least one, if not more, job postings a day. And you know what? As time consuming and moderately depressing as that sounds/is, getting your first response is like getting that toy you always wanted as a kid – you’re the happiest friggin’ kid in the world…

The only difference is that, when you’re a kid, you don’t have to think about how to play with a toy… it just happens. But when you get a response, you have to actually write back.


It’s one thing to write a cover letter, post some links and send it into the void… when the void responds it can feel like first contact with an alien lifeform!

So, I panicked… then, I read everything and anything I could get my eyes on about responding to first contact emails. Then, I wrote back… 

It’s silly, but every day in other work scenarios, we all make these “first contact” emails. In every situation in life there’s had to be that initial first contact. But for some reason, responding to a potential job request is like starting your first day of highschool. Only, there’s money involved.

*** So, this post was first written in March – it is now the end of April… I have yet to receive another response from the void, but I’m going to blame that on my lack of internet access for the last week. My logic may be flawed, but it works for me!***


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