On Birthdays & Obliviousness

There was a time, when I was younger, that my birthday was the most exciting thing to happen.

Granted, it falls at the end of the school year and at the beginning of Summer… almost exactly six months to the day after Christmas, so yeah, there were a lot of contributing factors to the excitement.

But still, when I was younger it was “this many more sleeps until I’m 25!”

Last night, exactly one week before my birthday, I’d completely spaced. I was making plans for my next soccer game, getting excited and BAM!

“It’s my birthday next week” I said to the three other people in the car (there may or may not have been an “oh shit” prior to that).

Although, given that this week I hit an all time high of “mistakes” at work (three to be exact), I’m not really surprised.

I’ve been the biggest space cadet, I should seriously be wearing a space suit, just in case the atmosphere decides to suck the oxygen out of my body.  I chalk it up to turning 26.

Imagine what I’ll be like when I turn 27!!

*the horrors!*


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