Sims Free Play & the iPad – A Review

As part of my New Year’s resolution(s), I’ve decided to blog more frequently and to have a purpose in my blogs. The purpose being to review stuff, because I am exposed to a lot of stuff every day and I think people need to know. Yes, you do, trust me. It’ll be fun!

Now, some of you may say “it’s February! You’ve already failed in your New Year’s Resolution!” Au contraire, mes amis! Those who know me are aware that I am part master procrastinator (something I get from my mother) and part determined with superb follow through (something I sort of get from my father, but I’m not 100% certain because sometimes he procrastinates too). This means that my New Year’s resolutions will happen, just not right away. And probably only half of them will make it to the end of the year.

That being said, I’m here now, so I’m just going to get on with my first review of stuff I’m exposed to.

(I should also note that I am not being paid for, nor receiving any form of bribery, for this review….)

Free Playin’ the Sims

Made by EA Games
Available for iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation)
Rating – Great for wasting time

So, right before the holidays I downloaded the Sims Free Play app. Why? Because it’s free, and I wanted to play (I’d never played the Sims before). I didn’t realize how much of my time it would consume.

The game starts off a bit slow as you walk through the tutorial, create your first sim, build stuff, plant stuff, make money, achieve goals. It’s fun, in a “I have nothing to do because my parents are busy with their respective things” type of way.

But then you get addicted.

This is where the problems start
  1. You have to have an internet connection to play – my internet connection is currently a free service that may or may not work depending on how the wireless signal feel that day. So when I was home over the holidays, it was great to pick up my iPad and tap on things to get the little, pretend digitalized people interacting with their environment. Then I came home and some days I can’t log in… which means that the next day my Sims have pee’d all over the place (which is actually slightly amusing now that I think about it)
  2. You think about the Sims randomly throughout the day…. they become your children and if you’re a worry wart, you’ll worry. I don’t THINK they can die, but I’d feel bad killing them. So I try not to.
  3. You’ll pick up when you have company because your Sims can only go to work between 8 – 10am, 11pm – 1pm, 4 – 6pm and 8 – 10pm… so if you need to send your Sim to work (so you can make money to buy that awesome bed you’ve been eyein’ that will reduce the sleep time to 6 hours from 8 hours), you’ll play. People may or may not get annoyed, it depends on the type of friends you have.

I’ve only listed three problems here, but you get my drift. I think. If you don’t, well, sorry.

Why this app is cool

It’s a great time waster. If you are waiting at the doctor’s office (and they have wifi and/or you have the app on your iphone) you can focus on your Sims. Or if you’re getting ready to go out and realize that you still have 20 minutes for you need to leave – play the Sims. There’s no end to this game (not that I’ve found anyway… I’m on level 30 something, with 14 characters and my town is worth over $200,000… yes, I’m a little proud.)

Also, if you have a predilection for causing unnecessary drama, making people’s lives miserable or amazing, or just an overall desire to make little pretend people do funny things, well, this is where you can get your kicks.

So that was my review – thoughts? comments? Disagree? Let me know! 


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