I am now a Tulip

I had one of those random moments just now. It’s 11:20pm on a Monday night… the perfect time for random moments. This hour on this day… it’s practically a breeding ground for random moments. They’re just popping up all over the place.

Anyway, my random moment consisted of me suddenly deciding to add a header to my twitter profile. Then, I decided I might as well change my blog photo too. I mean, I’ve been a leafless tree for what? two years now? It’s about time I evolved into something new. Something more… me.

I wish I could actually sustain potted plants in my home. Ones with colour. I love my umbrella tree, I really do (except I’m not 100% certain that it is, in fact, an umbrella tree) but sometimes you need a little yellow to brighten your day.

So I became I tulip. Specifically this yellow one.

Why you might ask, did I choose a tulip? Specifically this yellow one?

Well, this is two-fold.

Or three-fold.

There are some folds here.

The first fold – this photo was taken at the Ottawa tulip festival (or whatever they call it) way back in 2009 or 2010. The exact year is hazy to me. Anyway, it was an amazing trip with my best friend D. and I figure what better to use to represent me than a photo that carries so many good memories? (of course, a photo of ME would probably be the best representation of me… but that’s around the corner and down the street from the point).

The second fold – this is a tulip. My grandparents on both side are Dutch. Tulips are pretty much the flower symbol of the Netherlands. By having this photo as my profile picture, I am giving myself flower power… which I believe is the ability to shoot fire from my fist.


The third fold – it’s a yellow flower and yellow is the colour of happy people who have sunny dispositions and are always bright and cheerful.  Well, in my mind it is. Basically, by using a yellow flower, I’m hoping to fool all of you into thinking I’m one of those people. Don’t worry, I only get like that after many cups of coffee or several pints of beer. It all depends on the time of day.

I’m fairly certain I had more folds to this story, buuuut I can’t remember them. I hope you enjoyed my story about folds! I mean, flowers! I mean, pictures!

Here’s my tree photo just for fun:

Snow (45)
A tree in winter was I for the longest time. But now I am shining like the sun and I smell great.

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