A Past Post About Time

It’s all about the infinite time piece.

I was just rereading some of the “Notes” I wrote on Facebook way back when that was the thing to do (we’re talking 2006 here people) and came across this one that, if I may say so, isn’t all that bad… it’s about Time… and such:

Time moves so slowly, it crawls at a pace incomparable to the slowest creature on earth. It hangs, like a sloth from a tree branch, unmoving. Time freezes, it’s stature upright, uptight, at night. The early hours. The early minutes. The early moments when no one knows you exist, when everyone dreams of other worlds, when time is irrelevant because an instant could pass, but days in the dream world have gone by. Here, now. Time stands still. It’s movements imperceptible. Look away, look back, mere seconds have passed. These moments, spent staring, watching time. Watching the grass grow. Watching the paint dry. Time stands still…

Time speeds by, invisible in it’s movements. A blur, racing ahead, further than necessary. Years pass, they disappear into the abyss that is the memory. Moments, fractions of that time are cherished  held onto with a grip as strong as a bull dog’s jaw. Hours, days and years have been forgotten. Lost. Forever. Time continues onward, forcing age, life and existence onward. Always onward, never back. Always asking for that one moment to pause, that one moment to cherish and bring to eternity. Always requesting, pleading, desiring for time to slow down so that the child can remain the child, the father can remain the father and the grandfather can remain the grandfather. But time denies that request, time moves and the child becomes the father, the father the grandfather, and the grandfather the dust. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat until infinity. until the end of the world. when time will not stop. Time will never stop. We will. Just us. We’ll stop. We’ll deny ourselves the moments, the pauses when time has slowed for us. We’ll deny that, waste it, and wish for it’s return. We’ll live our lives not knowing what we’re missing only to lay down at the end wishing we had. Time will continue, long after humanity has disappeared. It is a concept, and we have adapted it to our conventions, to our beliefs… it will continue without us. Other concepts, like love, trust, faith, they will die, but time will continue. Time does not need to be defined in order to exist. Time is defined because it exists. Time is time. It is Time.

For those of you following my Freelance journey, I am now knee deep in enough work to keep me busy every week! I have one, possibly two, weekly articles at quench.me – here’s my most recent one for anyone interested! http://quench.me/living/using-frames-to-make-a-wall-pop/ It’s about how to hang your picture frames. And I also have a ghost writing gig that I’m enjoying very much. With more opportunities on the horizon!

Honestly… it’s about time.


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