Part-Time & Lovin’ It

Salut tout le monde!

It’s September…. and I realize I’m about 15 days late on that announcement, sorry about that. But really, if you’re relying on me to tell you what month it is, maybe you should invest in a calendar.

I’m writing for two reasons: 1) because I can and 2) to give an update on that whole “hectic life” blog I’d last posted in March (holy cow batman, was that ever a long time ago).

Freelance continued being busy, busy enough that I requested a change to part-time status at my work so that I could “really” pursue this Freelance thing. And I got it…. part-time that is. On August 1st, I went from working five days a week in the office (with evenings and weekends spent on Freelance/soccer/social life) to working three days in the office with Mondays, Fridays, evenings and weekends for Freelance/soccer/social life… in that order.

There are challenges though. TONS of challenges. The first and foremost being that it’s easy to get lost in the feeling that I have just a long weekend every weekend. I don’t. I shouldn’t. But the temptation is there to just…. chill. The second challenge is that my couch is SUPER comfy (my office chair is an old swivel chair that has lost all padding… I currently have a pillow under my butt in an effort to make it more comfortable… it’s only sort of working). Working from my couch is only a good idea if I cut all power to the TV…. because – that’s challenge number three – reminding myself that, though Netflix can run continuously in the background… it shouldn’t. Challenge number four – not becoming a hermit. Spending four days at home consecutively sounds like a great idea (and it is) but the fifth day, when I have to leave to go to the office, becomes that much more torturous. Natural light is very bright my friends. Very bright. *insert vampire-like hiss here*

But with all those challenges, there are successes – I’ve caught up on my work, I’m finally developing a solid schedule/pattern so that I can continue getting my work done. And I’m hoping that by the end of September I’ll be ready to take on more work.

I’m also really looking forward to November – I’m going to rock the socks off of NANOWRIMO.

Well, that is all for now. More blog posts to come in the coming weeks!! Providing I can turn Netflix off.


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