About Asilisis

I live on the planet earth, in a building made of … some sort of building material… in a city found within a province nestled in a country located on a continent between two oceans… (or is it three? yeah, I think it’s three… I was never good at geography).

You’re on this page because you want to know who I am. Well, you’ll get to know me better the more blogs I write/you read but for starters I’m a 30something female living in the bustling, multilingual, multicultural city of Montreal. I’ve got a fantastic boyfriend, awesome friends and a freelance career that’s taking me places I’ve always wanted to go… ok, it’s not actually taking me anywhere – I stay home and work – but it’s still a rocking life.

I’ve been writing since I learned my letters and have always loved dreaming up crazy stories and then placing them on a page. That being said, in University I discovered this weird ability to write corporate/business material. So that’s what I do for a living. The weirdest part is that I will (and have) write about ANYTHING. I’m not a niche writer. I’m an all-purpose, give me a topic and watch my fingers fly type of writer. So this blog is where I tell you the thoughts that are in MY head, instead of the thoughts that are in someone else’s head.

Unfortunately, I don’t often have thoughts to write, so my apologies if posts are few and far between!